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retail design

SUCK UK, Westfield (2015)

2122a Westfield Centre
Shepherds Bush, London

SUCK UK, OXO Tower (2016)

G3-G10 OXO Tower
Barge House Street, London

SUCK UK, Camden Market Stables (2017)

Camden Market Stables, London

Brand Academy, OXO Tower (2017)

G11 OXO Tower
Barge House Street, London

My role for all locations was to design the entire store including; floor plan, fixtures, merchandising, lighting, till point and electric locations.  I also worked on design proposals for sign of from Westfield and Coinstreet (OXO Tower), submitted detailed design documents, risk assessment forms.  I worked alongside external contractors, manufacturers and helped source materials.

Brand Academy (OXO Tower)

In 2017 Brand Academy opened in the OXO Tower, the idea behind it was to have collection of the world's best brands and emerging talent.  Unlike the previous stores the fixtures had to be modular, with each brand getting 1m of space.

SUCK UK (Westfield Shepherds Bush)

The first store I worked on was the then flagship store in Westfield, Shepherds Bush.  The store was designed to tie in with our new trade show aesthetic, to create some consistency within the brand.  We recreated the glitter wall and illuminated "Greatest Gifts on Earth" sign and used the same oak flooring and counter tops, with the addition of pegboard and oak boxes to make the design more retail friendly.


Following the success of the Westfield store, in 2016 we opened another store on the ground floor of the iconic OXO Tower on the Southbank.  This store was almost twice the size of our Westfield store and became our new flagship.

SUCK UK (Camden Market Stables)

At the start of 2017 we were offered temporary lease for a pop up store in the Camden Market Stables, the store proved a success and was kept on permanently.

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