SUCK UK is a London based design company that produce unique, quirky and expertly designed furniture, lighting, interior products and accessories. Setting themselves apart from the crowd with simple yet original designs and a cheeky sense of humour.

I worked as an in house product designer there for 6 years in total, during that time I designed dozens of products, working with a wide variety of materials, suppliers and manufacturing techniques, below is selection of some of those projects...

This page is just a collection of older projects I'd worked on for SUCK UK.

Rocket Salt/Pepper Grinder (2015)

Design by Suck UK

Fish Tea Infuser (2013)

Design by Lahla Smart

Wingnut Sharpener (2012)

Design by Sasha Blagov

Candlepoise (2012)

Design by Ali Siavoshi and Scott Amron

Ice Lolly Van (2013)

Design by Suck UK

Rocket Reamer (2015)

Design by Suck UK

Wind up Sharpener (2011)

Design by Suck UK

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